Foods that you should avoid in order to prevent nasal congestion

Don’t you just hate that feeling when you feel congested and uncomfortable with your nose and throat? Where you are not able to breathe properly and feel clogged and your throat seems to be coated with something you are not able to wash down with any liquid. It could be because of an allergy or cold or maybe because of something you ate.   Yes, even food can cause nasal and throat congestion. There are many foods that can cause a mucus lining in throat and nasal congestion. If you have any sort of nasal problem such as sinus, you should avoid certain foods to avoid discomfort. Indeed certain foods can contribute to further discomfort in breathing and throat. Foods that promote formation of mucus are mainly cause congestion. It is better to avoid certain foods to avoid nasal congestion. Here is a list of foods that can cause nasal and throat congestion.Milk and other dairy products
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